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Live in Copenhagen, 2003

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In the music world there are so many cliches it's downright obnoxious if you're one of us non-mainstreamers who knows better. When it comes to Southern Rock I think it's time we gave the old school a break, with continued respects, but allow some new blood to continue the tradition and add their names to the history book.

Listening now to " Will Thomas - Live In Copenhagen " for the umpteenth time, I sure know where my vote goes. This epitome of Southern Rock moves me like nothing I've heard in ages. Searing guitars, horns, piano, and a geyser hot rhythm section compliment Will's emotion grit vocals thru this showcase of his fine original music, and one cover.

This is a damn near Jazz Fusion Live Party no Southern Rock lover should be without. Behind the beat you'll find Sequoia Tree deep global roots. From a Swedish fan, to Mexican food in Denmark. From a group of the finest musicians in Scandinavia, to the King of Roots Music, DJ Ray Pieters of Belgium. From Italy, Alabama, to The Lone Star State Of Texas. Invoking the title " Global Southern Rock " to Will Thomas is my conclusion.

Eddie Russell
Country Eastern / Outlaw For Peace / Rainbow Smoke Network

Alabama Day, 2000

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"...with young artists like Will Thomas recording, there's no doubt whatsoever that the stars do indeed continue to fall on Alabama to this very day." -- Goldmine Magazine, March 2001

"When a CD can be opened to any cut on the disc and each song sounds fresh and lively, there's a reason to look hard and listen clearly. This set is a winner." -- Gritz Magazine, October 2000

"an album at the crossroads of singer/song writer, southern rock and R&B...Thomas sings in an impassioned gritty fashion..." -- Rhythms Magazine, November 2000

I Will Not Look Like Them, 1997

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"Will Thomas is the Real Deal." --Chuck Leavell - Allman Bros., Rolling Stones

"Great Southern rock and roll in its traditional form."--Bobby Whitlock -- Derek&theDominos

¡Spanglish Singalong!, 2005

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I first reviewed Will Thomas' collection of bilingual kids' tunes back in May, when it existed only as mp3s on his website. Now that Spanglish Sing-Along has been released as a physical CD, complete with awesome revamped cover art and a slightly different, less clunky title (formerly The Spanglish Wrangler Sings Bilingual Songs for the Whole Family), I thought I'd repost an edited version of the original review. And Bill Childs, over at Spare the Rock, gave Will a cool little writeup in the July issue of Parenting magazine, as well.

Here ya go:

'Will Thomas' bilingual tunes for kids are fun and funny and witty, and, most importantly to adults, stand up to repeated listenings. While Thomas has recorded grownup albums at Birdland Recording Studios in Town Creek, Alabama (very close to my hometown), he laid down the basic tracks for Spanglish Sing-Along at his home studio in Miami Beach.

You can practice your Spanish vocabulary by inference in the song "Emociones;" while "(They Call It) Spanish Monday," based on T-Bone Walker's "Stormy Monday Blues," helps you brush up on the days of the week. "Desayuno Boogie" is a celebration of breakfast, while the swampy funk of "Broccoli" describes a girl's love of that vegetable.

"Eres Mi Vida" is a Spanish-language version of "You Are My Sunshine," and the story of "Cucaracha" is set to the music of Earth Wind and Fire's "September." "Bailla Pollito" is a funny little tale about a reluctant dancer, while "I Love My Dog" is a little reminiscent of the old classic "Down By the Bay." Additional vocab practice is provided by "Gator and Bee" and "Bear's Picnic," directions en Espanol on the former and present tense verbs on the latter ("I sing, canto, y'all sing, cantais", etc.).

Thomas' intimate, downhome, bluesy performance and playful songwriting style make this collection a perfect teaching tool in both the classroom and at home. You're not smacked in the head with ridiculously bombastic production, and the lyrics don't make kids (or adults) feel like dunces. This is a great project from an artist who is a welcome addition to the kids' music world.'

Warren Truitt - Kids Music that Rocks